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Safe Cycling

Central Park | All morning 9am-12:30pm

Participate in 5 cycle safety stations. Check over your helmet and equipment with a safe cycling team and learn new skills with cycle ramps and obstacles.  Plus decorate your bike and get a Safe Cycling certificate.

Collingwood Rowing Club

Central Park | All morning 9am-12:30pm

Learn more about the Collingwood Rowing Club. Try your skills on an rowing machine/ergometer.  Play the “how far can you row” game.

Georgian Triangle 1K Run/Walk

Central Park & Train Trail | Starts 10am

Participate in a free and fun mini run or walk around Central Park and along a shaded portion of the neighbouring Train Trail. Perfect for all ages and abilities.


Collingwood Curling Club | All morning 9am-12:30pm

Pickleball is a rapidly growing racquet sport popular with all ages. Learn new skills and watch pickle ball demonstrations. Pickleball courts will be set-up for participants to give it a try!

Collingwood Tennis Club

Outdoor Skating Rink Central Park | All morning 9am-12:30pm

Tennis racquets, balls and mini nets will be available with the Collingwood Tennis Club there to lend a hand.

Wheelchair Basketball

Outdoor Skating Rink Central Park | All morning 9am-12:30pm

Learn new basketball skills and experience the excitement of wheelchair basketball.

Imagination Playground

Central Park Baseball Diamond | All morning 9am-12:30pm

Play with the block-based imagination playground, an incredible play system for unlocking children’s creative spirit.

Giant Soccer

Central Park Baseball Diamond | All morning 9am-12:30

Take soccer to a new level with our giant sized soccer ball. Play as an individual or create teams.

Physical Literacy Skills

Central Park Baseball Diamond | All morning 9am-12:30

Build your physical literacy and practice fundamental movements following self-guided activities.

Ball Hockey

Central Park | All morning 9am-12:30

Practice your shot with the shooter tutor or join a group in a game of ball hockey.

SK8 Georgian Bay

Central Park |Baseball Diamond

No ice, No problem! Have fun with SK8 Georgian Bay off ice activities and parachute fun.


Central Park Green space between baseball diamond and lawn bowling | All morning 9am-12:30

The perfect game for friends, family and neighbours. Croquet courses will be set-up to give it a try!

Lawn Bowling

Central Park | Lawn Bowling Club

Open House.

Flatland BMX Performances

Collingwood Curling Club | All morning 9am-12:30

Acrobatics on a bike! Check out the amazing skills of our professional flatland bmx biker. Learn new tips and tricks you can try!

Collingwood Youth Centre Skateboard and Scooter Skills

Collingwood Curling Club | All morning 9am-12:30

Check-out skateboard and scooter demos. Learn more about safe skateboard and scooter techniques. Try new beginner tricks.

Sailing School

Collingwood Curling Club | All morning 9am-12:30

Learning to sail.

Ho Ho Holiday 5K Promotion Station

Central Park Baseball Diamond | All morning 9am-12:30

It is always the time of year for Santa. Have fun in the Santa suit challenge. Learn more about the Ho Ho Holiday 5K.


Collingwood YMCA

Participate in Open Programs at the Collingwood YMCA. Government issued ID required for access into the YMCA in support of the Child Protection Policy.

Pickle Ball 7-8am

Group Power 8:15-9:15am (13+)

Group Power 9:30-10:30am (13+)

Pre-School Gym 11-12:45pm (0-6yrs parent supervision required)

Highland Nordic

Central Park | All morning 9am-12:30

Explore the Highland Nordic discovery table and outdoor learning activities. 

Highland Nordic

Central Park | 11am-12:30

Watch some up-and-coming cross county skiers do crazy roller-skiing obstacle course races.

Robotic Demonstrations - Cybergnomes

Collingwood Curling Club | All morning 9am-12:30

Learn more about robotics programs in Collingwood. Check-out the amazing things that robots can be designed and programmed to do as part of the Robotic interactive demonstrations.

Figure Skating Collingwood

Learn figure skating in Collingwood.

Giant Games

Central Park | All morning 9am-12:30

Challenge others to a giant game of Connect Four, Jenga, Tic-Tac-Toe, Yahtzee

Smoothie Bike

Central Park | All morning 9am-12:30

Take a spin on the Healthy Kids Community Challenge Smoothie bike and create a delicious smoothie.