The Collingwood Trails

The Move Collingwood Walk & Run event takes place entirely on the beautiful Collingwood Trails! While we are super happy to be on the trails we are really only using a very small fraction of what's available. It is our sincere hope that you get out on the trails throughout the year and that our event might whet your appetite. 

We are thankful to have the support of Collingwood Parks, Recreation, & Culture in providing assistance with marketing and event equipment.

The Collingwood Trails encompasses over 60 kilometres of recreational trails for cyclists, walkers, joggers, skiers, and snowshoers as well as adults and kids commuting to work or school. There’s a trail leading to every major point of interest in the Town including the beaches of Sunset Point, the scenic lookout at Millennium Park, the tranquil gardens of the Arboretum, the new Labyrinth, the historic Station Museum, and Collingwood Downtown.

For full details on the Collingwood Trails, visit the website: